How to Use a Garlic Press?

How to Use a Garlic Press?

A garlic press can turn cloves of garlic into minced garlic. There are many ways to crush garlic cloves, but the garlic press remains one of the easiest. A garlic press is one of the handy tools in the kitchen if you want to crush the garlic faster and more easily. Crushing garlic using a garlic press is not hard if you do it right. I will show you how to use a garlic press the correct way.

What is a garlic press?

A garlic press is a simple kitchen tool designed to crush garlic cloves by pressing them through small holes. It is designed to crush the garlic cloves in a way that is easy to operate—generally made of plastic, stainless steel, or aluminum. A garlic press looks like a nutcracker. The Garlic press can be the best alternative to tools that you use to mince or crush the garlic, like a knife, Microplane, grater, food slicer, or Garlic Grater Plate.

How do you choose the right garlic press?

Here are the most important things to consider when buying a new garlic press:

Buy a garlic press that is easy to clean.

Choose a garlic press that is dishwasher safe so you can hand wash it. And it also comes with some kind of feature or a tool to easily clean the garlic press. For example, many garlic presses come with a built-in cleaner for removing trapped garlic and skin from a crushing plate or a swing basket feature for easy emptying and cleaning.

Buy a garlic press with an ergonomic handle

If you are crushing a lot of cloves of garlic, the task can get hard when you don’t have a garlic press with soft-grip ergonomic handles. The garlic crusher should have soft and comfortable handles that absorb pressure, making it easy to squeeze.

Buy a garlic Press that can press multiple cloves at once

You should look for a garlic press with a large chamber or crushing plate, so you can fit multiple cloves at once. This feature will save both your time and effort during meal preparation.

Buy a Garlic press that lasts longer.

Choose a garlic press made of stainless steel because it lasts longer and is resistant to rust. Stainless steel garlic presses are more durable compared to plastic or aluminum ones.

How to use a garlic press?

A garlic press is one of the most easy to use tools that you have in the kitchen. Fill the press chamber or basket of garlic press with as many garlic cloves as you can.

After that, firmly squeeze the two handles together and get the pressed garlic. To ensure you get all the pressed garlic, use the back of a knife to scrape off any remaining garlic on the press tray. You can also use the knife to remove the garlic skins after pressing. You have the option to press the garlic on a cutting board, directly onto your dish, or over a bowl.

How to clean a garlic press?

It is important to know how to clean a garlic press to prevent the buildup of bacteria. Use a small brush like a toothbrush to remove the remaining garlic from the press (try to use a hard bristles brush for effective press cleaning), then rinse it under running water in the kitchen sink. 

Benefits of a garlic press

Here are a few benefits of a garlic press that no one will tell you.

Time Saving

The garlic press is an efficient kitchen tool that saves more time than mincing or crushing garlic with other tools, like a knife, grater, or garlic grater plate. Especially when you need a large quantity of crushed garlic, the garlic press can help you save a lot of time.

Easy to Use

Comparing the garlic press with other garlic crushing tools, the garlic press is more easy to use. You simply place a peeled garlic clove in the chamber, squeeze the handles, and the crushed garlic comes out.

Extracting More Flavor

The best thing about using a garlic press is that you get a lot more oil from the garlic compared to other crushing tools.

Less Odor on Hands

By using a garlic press, your hands have less garlic smell because there is minimal contact with the garlic during the crushing process. 


In summary, a garlic press is a handy kitchen tool that simplifies the process of crushing garlic. Choosing the right one involves considering factors like easy cleaning, ergonomic handles, capacity, and durability. Its benefits include time savings, ease of use, enhanced flavor extraction, and less lingering garlic odor on hands. Adding a garlic press to your kitchen arsenal can make cooking more efficient and enjoyable.


Can a garlic press be used for ginger?

The answer is yes! A garlic press, also known as a garlic crusher, is a simple and efficient tool that can be used to crush both ginger and cloves of garlic.

What to use instead of a garlic press?

Top alternatives to garlic press. The Kinfe, Grater, Garlic Rocker, Food Processor, and Garlic Grater Plate are the five main garlic press alternatives that can help you crush garlic with the same or similar flavors as a garlic press. You can use any of the tools if you don't have a garlic press.

Do you need to peel garlic before using a garlic press?

Should garlic be peeled before pressing the garlic? There is no need to peel garlic before putting it in the garlic press chamber. The garlic skin won't mix with the pressed garlic; you can easily separate it with your hand or a knife.

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