Top 8 Tips to Easily Hide Trash Cans in The Kitchen

Top 8 Tips to Easily Hide Trash Cans in The Kitchen

In every kitchen, a trash can is a necessity, but it often doesn't contribute to the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen. In this article, I'll share easy tips on how you can hide your trash can in the kitchen, to make it look better.

What size trash can for a kitchen?

To determine the right trash can size for your kitchen, consider the frequency of waste production. A 12- to 16-gallon trash can is often ideal for a standard kitchen. However, if you have a larger family, opt for a 20-30-gallon size. Take note of your kitchen's size too – smaller kitchens may prefer a smaller, space-saving trash can, while larger kitchens can easily accommodate a bigger bin.

How to hide trash cans in the kitchen?

1) Put your trash can in a base kitchen cabinet

If you want to hide your trash can, you can place it inside any base cabinet in your kitchen. For example, you can place your trash can in the sink cabinet or the kitchen island. Hiding the trash can in a base cabinet is a common and effective method. Choose a cabinet with a door that is easy to open frequently.

2) Use a trash compactor instead of a traditional trash can

You can have a trash compactor installed in your kitchen cabinet to keep it hidden. Additionally, it will help reduce your waste volume with its hydraulic-powered metal ram.

3) Use a small trash can so that it is not easily visible to others

This option is suitable for those with small families, and even larger families can try it. However, for them, the challenge might be that they have to empty the trash can repeatedly. A small trash can may be visible, but it won't be easily noticeable.

4) Use Lucury and fancy trash cans in your kitchen

You can buy aesthetic colors or decorated trash bins that look good in the kitchen. Alternatively, you can also decorate your trash bin yourself through a DIY approach, adding designs or paintings. Instead of hiding it, you have the option to make your trash can beautiful, enhancing the overall appearance of your kitchen.

5) Get a separate tilt-out cabinet to hide your trash can

If you have a tilt-out cabinet in your kitchen that is large enough to accommodate your trash can, you can hide it there. You can also create a separate DIY tilt-out cabinet based on the size of your trash can. A tilt-out cabinet is a better option because you can easily open it repeatedly.

6) Pick a trash can that goes well with the colors in your kitchen.

When choosing a trash can for your kitchen, pick one that matches the colors in your kitchen. For example, if your kitchen has a lemon yellow and deep grey color combination, consider a trash can in a similar color scheme to blend in seamlessly with your surroundings.

7) Use a mini curtain cover to hide the trash can

You can use small curtain covers to hide your kitchen trash can in a budget-friendly way. Choose a color for the curtain covers that complements the paint in your kitchen, so it looks nice.

8) Hide Your trash can in a wicker hamper

You can hide your trash can by putting it in a wicker hamper. This way, your trash will be hidden, and your kitchen will look good too.


In summary, making your kitchen look better by hiding the trash can is not only useful but also makes it fancier. You can put the trash can in a cabinet, use a special cabinet that tilts out, or even get a trash compactor. Choosing a small, not easily visible trash can or decorating it with cool colors can also help. If you want a budget-friendly option, you can use a little curtain or a wicker hamper to cover the trash can. These tricks make your kitchen look nice while keeping things clean and organized.


How to keep the kitchen trash can from sliding on the floor?

Are you also frustrated with your kitchen trash can falling multiple times, causing a mess on the kitchen floor? A great solution is to use a trash can mat or a rubber pad beneath your trash can to prevent such incidents and keep your kitchen clean.

Why are kitchen trash cans so expensive?

Generally, kitchen trash cans are made from high-quality materials like stainless steel, specialized plastic, or rubber. This is a major reason for their higher cost. These trash cans are designed to last for a long time and resist breaking easily. The use of such durable materials ensures that they remain sturdy and functional over an extended period.

How to keep the kitchen trash can from smelling?

To keep your kitchen trash can from smelling bad, it's best to avoid throwing away strong-smelling foods such as seafood, eggs, onions, garlic, or anything made with milk. Instead, consider placing citrus fruit peels like lemon or orange at the bottom of the trash can—they help absorb unpleasant odors. Another effective option is using baking soda, a natural deodorizer, to maintain a fresh smell inside the trash can. Additionally, make it a habit to empty your trash can daily; letting garbage sit for too long can lead to unwanted odors.

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