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Redefine your expectations of glass containers with these 8oz Multifunctional Glass Jars with Wooden Lids. They are nothing short of culinary magic - sleek in design, featuring airtight bamboo lids that lock in freshness effectively. Accompanied by 100 preprinted white labels and 40 customizable options, these jars bring an organized and personalized touch to your kitchen. Elevate your storage solutions and embrace the extraordinary with these glass jars with wooden lids, designed for both function and style.

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Our Sustainable Material Choice

Crafted with precision, our premium glass and bamboo lids ensure your spices remain fresh and your kitchen stays beautifully organized.

A Complete Set

Glass Jars With Wooden lids - Spice Up Your Kitchen!


Glass Jars with Wooden Lids for Modern Kitchens

A Complete Set - Have everything you need for your spices with this 12-piece set. Each jar comes with a bamboo lid, a tiny spoon, a pen, and labels so you can keep track of what each jar contains.

Versatile Multipurpose Jars - While these bamboo lid spice jars are mainly used for spices, you can use them to store almost anything. Use it to keep ingredients like coffee, tea, and herbs fresh and tasty.

Safe & Durable -
Made of durable glass, these seasoning jars will not easily break, even after long-term use. They also do not contain BPA, a substance that may be harmful to your health.

Convenient for Cooking - Always keep your essential ingredients within reach. Open the lid with ease using the rope at the top, and keep the spoon tucked away to the side when not in use.

Easy to Store - The jars are designed so that you can store them easily in your kitchen or pantry. They are small and compact so you can move them around to make room for other items in your cabinet.

Streamline Your Spices in Glass Jars with Wooden Lids

To cook perfect dishes, you should be able to act fast and make split-second decisions. That’s easier to do if your kitchen is always clean and organized. How would you do that if your spices are all over the place? It’s even harder if you keep your spices in their plastic bags.

To help you avoid these problems, you can keep your spices in individual containers. But you don’t want jars of different designs crowding your counter. Keep your meal prep area clean and organized with a set of reliable glass jars.

Durable Elegance: Glass Jars with Wooden Lids Set for Your Kitchen

The kitchen is a busy place. You’re always scooting from one station to the next, carrying a myriad of utensils and grabbing for even more across your counter. It’s definitely not a place for flimsy containers.

Made with strong and long-lasting glass, you can trust these spice jars to endure the heat of a busy kitchen. Bamboo is one of the toughest materials in nature, which gives the lids of the jar incredible durability.

Multi-Use Glass Containers with Wood Lids for Efficient Kitchens

Spices are very useful in adding interesting flavors to your food, but some may not be as adventurous as others. If you don’t like to use too many spices, don’t worry. You can still use these jars for other things!

For example, you can pour your instant coffee, creamer, and sugar into their own jars so that you can make your morning coffee faster and easier than usual.


Everything You Want to Know

What sizes do the glass jars come in?

VersaUltimum glass jars are available in one of size to cater to different spice needs. 8 oz providing versatility for various uses, from spices and herbs to dry goods and snacks.

Are the glass jars and wooden lids dishwasher safe?

The glass jars are dishwasher safe due to their durability and resistance to heat. However, the wooden lids should be washed by hand to maintain their shape and finish. Prolonged exposure to water or high temperatures in a dishwasher may warp or crack the wood.

What type of wood are the lids made from?

The lids are typically made from a high-quality and sustainable 100% bamboo wood. The wood is chosen for its durability, natural beauty, and the tight seal it provides when paired with a silicone gasket.

How airtight are the jars?

VersaUltimum glass jars are designed to be highly airtight, thanks to the precision-engineered wooden lids equipped with silicone gaskets. This ensures that contents are kept fresh for longer periods by preventing air exchange and the entry of moisture or pests.

Can these jars be used for preserving or canning?

While these jars are excellent for storing dry goods, spices, and other pantry items, they are not recommended for traditional canning or preserving that involves high temperatures and vacuum sealing. For safety and quality, use jars specifically rated for canning for those purposes.

What can I store in these jars?

These jars are incredibly versatile and can be used to store a wide range of items, including dry goods (like pasta, rice, and flour), spices, herbs, tea, coffee, nuts, snacks, and even non-food items like craft supplies or bathroom essentials for organization.

Do the jars come with any sort of warranty?

Warranty information may vary by manufacturer, but VersaUltimum typically offers a limited warranty that covers defects in materials and craftsmanship. Always check the specific warranty details provided with your purchase.

How can I remove stains or odors from the jars?

To remove stains or odors, fill the jar with a mixture of warm water and white vinegar or baking soda. Let it sit for a few hours or overnight, then wash thoroughly with soap and water. For tougher stains, a gentle scrub with a non-abrasive sponge may be necessary.

Are these jars environmentally friendly?

Yes, these jars are environmentally friendly. Glass is a sustainable, recyclable material, and the wooden lids are made from renewable resources. Together, they offer a durable and reusable alternative to plastic storage solutions.

Can I purchase replacement lids separately?

Many manufacturers, including VersaUltimum, offer the option to purchase replacement lids separately. This is a convenient option if a lid is lost or damaged, ensuring the longevity of the glass jars without needing to replace the entire jar.

Customer Reviews

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Fantastic spice glasses! Just what we were...

Fantastic spice glasses! Just what we were looking for!

The best jars ever for my spices and the i...

The best jars ever for my spices and the individual spoons are so super cool!

I love these little jars for making crafts...

I love these little jars for making crafts with lavender. They are very classy. I love the little spoons.

Both boxes fell apart during shipping, but...

Both boxes fell apart during shipping, but thankfully nothing was broken. I really like these containers.

Really cute jars!!

Really cute jars!! They included pre-made labels with it too. Well packaged and everything. Can imagine this would be perfect for spices and seasoning but maybe too small for grainsflour. Overall very satisfied.