What Cookware Does Gordon Ramsay Use?

What Cookware Does Gordon Ramsay Use?

Gordon Ramsay is a well-known British celebrity chef, TV show host, restaurateur, and writer, born in Johnstone, United Kingdom, on November 8, 1966. He gained fame through reality shows like 'The F Word' and the cooking competition show 'Hell's Kitchen.' His popularity further soared with books such as 'Gordon Ramsay,' '3 Star Chef,' 'Humble Pie,' and 'Playing with Fire.' Additionally, Ramsay manages a successful YouTube channel with over 20 million subscribers, where he shares recipe tutorials, tips, and vlogs.

Furthermore, Gordon Ramsay owns 58 restaurants worldwide, contributing to his reported net worth of $220 million, according to various sources.

If you're a Gordon Ramsay enthusiast like I am, then you understand the importance of setting up your kitchen with the right tools and cookware to cook just like the renowned chef himself.

Keep reading this blog post to discover the kitchen tools and cookware that Gordon Ramsay prefers or uses.

What pans does Gordon Ramsay use at home?

In collaboration with the cookware brand HexClad, Gordon Ramsay shares that he uses their pans in both his home kitchen and studio. He expresses admiration for the pans' impressive appearance and highlights their innovative hybrid technology, which excels in cooking food to perfection.

What Kind Of Mortar And Pestle Does Gordon Ramsay Use?

Gordon Ramsay uses a granite mortar and pestle to grind spices. Granite mortar and pestles are best known for their sturdy base, which is excellent for grinding spices and seeds, and their smooth surface, making them easy to clean by hand.

Gordon Ramsay likes using mortar and pestle instead of blenders or spice grinders to grind spices. He chooses the mortar and pestle because it brings out the maximum flavor of spices and gives them just the right texture.

What cutting board does Gordon Ramsay use?

Gordon Ramsay's specific go-to is the heavy-duty maple wood cutting board from John Boos Block. He prefers wooden chopping boards as they are easy to clean and long-lasting.

What blender does Gordon Ramsay use?

Gordon Ramsay uses a bullet blender in his home kitchen to make quick smoothies and shakes. Most people prefer a bullet blender because it is small, taking up minimal space in your kitchen. It is portable, allowing you to take it anywhere you go. It's simple to use and, last but not least, easy to clean. Moreover, he uses an immersion blender such as Bamix to blend soups and sauces.

What chef jacket does Gordon Ramsay wear?

Gordon Ramsay typically dons a white chef jacket with short sleeves, paired elegantly with classic black pants. His signature style includes leaving the top button of his chef jacket undone, a distinctive touch that has become synonymous with his iconic look.

What knives does Gordon Ramsay use?

When you mention Gordon Ramsay, his exceptional knife skills always come up in conversations. Many of his fans are eager to find out the specific brand of knives he uses. Gordon Ramsay mainly uses the Wusthof and Henckels brand Knives. Both of them are German brands and leading manufacturers of quality chef’s knives.

He recommends having at least three types of knives a heavy-duty chopping knife, a small paring knife for cutting vegetables, and a serrated edge knife for carving and slicing.

Gordon Ramsay advises against using dull knives because they can be very dangerous and cause injuries during cutting. To keep his knives sharp, he uses a steel honing rod.


In summary, Gordon Ramsay opts for modern and traditional kitchen tools. He favors HexClad pans for their sleek design and innovative cooking technology. Ramsay uses a granite mortar and pestle for spice grinding, emphasizing traditional flavors and textures. Additionally, he chooses a heavy-duty maple wood cutting board for durability. For blending, Ramsay relies on a practical bullet blender, and for knives, he prefers quality with Wusthof and Henckels, stressing the importance of knife maintenance for safety. His kitchen choices reflect a thoughtful balance of functionality and tradition.


What yellow watch does Gordon Ramsay wear?

Fans of Gordon Ramsay often see him wearing a yellow-dial watch in his shows and are curious about the brand and model he exactly wears. Gordon Ramsay's favorite watch is the Breitling Cockpit Chronograph A30012 with a yellow dial.

What cologne does Gordon Ramsay wear?

Gordon Ramsay has a few signature colognes that are often reported as his choices. Creed Aventus is his all-time favorite, a preference he confirmed on Twitter. His other favorites include Creed Virgin Island Water and Le Labo’s Santal 33.

What Guinness world records does Gordon Ramsay have?

Many people know the recipe for Gordon Ramsay's popular dish, Beef Wellington, but not everyone is aware that he holds a Guinness World Record for creating the largest Beef Wellington. Weighing an impressive 25.76 kg and measuring 13 inches wide by 8 inches tall, Ramsay achieved this feat. On May 11, 2023, Nick DiGiovanni collaborated with Gordon Ramsay to set a new Guinness World Record for the largest Beef Wellington.

What languages does Gordon Ramsay speak?

Gordon Ramsay is a British national who speaks English as his native language. He is also good at speaking French.

What martial art does Gordon Ramsay know?

Gordon Ramsay is not only famous as a chef, writer, TV host, and businessman, but few people know that he is also an expert in martial arts. He has achieved a black belt in karate, showcasing his versatility and talent beyond the kitchen and entertainment industry.

What type of salt does Gordon Ramsay use?

Chef Gordon Ramsay recommends using fleur de sel, a French sea salt known for its richer flavor compared to refined table salt.

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